Welcome to Grenfell Nursery

Grenfell Nursery is situated on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington which is the largest council-owned estate in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, an interesting multi-cultural, multi-faith community very near the well-known Portobello Road. The nursery provides full and part time places for children aged 18 months to 3 years old, and from September 2015 will also provide places for babies. 

Grenfell Nursery is a community-based organisation which aims to support all its users irrespective of their circumstances. 

Staff are encouraged to take an interest in the development of the organisation as a whole and in local childcare and community initiatives. Flexibility and creativity are encouraged in order to ensure services reflect changing needs and opportunities. The manager Shirley has worked at the nursery since 1994. 

The full day care is primarily intended for low-income families who are working or studying and fees are charged making sure they are at a rate that is affordable to as many parents as possible.


Our Pre-School is located within the Dalgarno Community Centre in North Kensington, on the ground floor.

The pre-school has a main central room which has been divided into different environments or themes. Then there are three further rooms of this main space, one being a room where the children can indulge in messy play activities.

The second is a small kitchen which is used to prepare snacks such as fruit and to store the children's pack lunches which are provide by the parent or carer.

The third room provides the children with their own twin bathroom facilities.

An outdoor play area for the children to do activities and to run around is accessed from the main space.

The pre-school has access to other rooms and space within the Community Centre during the day for activities such as lunch and children’s P.E.

Our Day

7.30am-8.00amEarly Drop off (Additional cost)
8am - 9.00amChildren arrive; greet parents, free flow play, snacks/breakfast on offer.
9.00am - 9.15amWelcome Time (sing welcome song, days of the week, weather, "What I want to learn at nursery today")
9.15am-11.15amFree flow play indoor and outdoors, discussions with children, Planned learning experience time for individual children or small groups.
11.15am - 11.30amClearing up, washing hands, Group discussions, songs/story time.
11.30am-12.15pmLunch for all children
12.15pm-1.30pmToothbrushing & Sleep Time for some children ( children allowed to wake up in own time)
1.30pm - 2.00pmAfternoon children arrive:

Welcome Time (sing welcome song, days of the week, weather, "What I want to learn at nursery today")

Free-play indoors and outdoors
3.00-3.15pm Hand washing, Snacks for those children who are ready for it
3.15pm - 5.30pmFree flow play indoor and outdoors, discussions with children, Planned learning experience time for individual children or small groups.
5.30pm-6pm  Tidy up time
5.30pm - 6.pmGoodbyes, talking with parents/carers about their child's day

Grenfell Nursery W11 Admissions

Admission to the nursery is via the waiting list, 2 year old pilot scheme and Minimum Funding Entitlement scheme run by RBKC.
To be eligible for a nursery place the following criteria must apply:

  • One parent must live or work in the R.B.K.C. and proof of residence or employment may be required.
  • The child must be under 5 years (6years if you are attending afterschool) at the time of admittance (proof of age is required before child may attend the nursery).
  • A place at the nursery will normally be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • The centre aim to have a balanced group of children, i.e. age, gender, ethnic origin, etc. using its nursery services. This may occasionally mean a child is offered a place before other on the waiting list.
  • Where a child has a disability or other special need, the centre will endeavour to make the necessary adaptations or provide additional resources to permit their inclusion into the nursery.
  • What nursery sessions a child will be offered will be discussed with the parent at time of application and when a place becomes available.
  • A five day place will normally only be offered where a parent is working or in full time study.
  • The centre will aim to ensure that a majority of children attending the nursery live on the Lancaster West Estate and immediate area.